Wall Street Memes To Surpass Shiba Inu And Dogecoin: 5 Reasons For WSM 2023 Price Performance

Wall Street Memes are quickly becoming the most exciting crypto presale this year. It was designed by the same team who released the Wall St Bulls NFT collection that sold out for over $2.5 million in 32 minutes. Notably, the new meme coin is part of a 420,000-strong Reddit community, which helped raise over $2.2 million in less than a week.

It’s safe to say that the $WSM coin is becoming the next big thing in the meme coin niche and the latest such token that could dethrone DOGE and SHIB as the new “King of Memes.” So let’s see why investors are flocking to the new meme coin during the past week and why you should consider doing the same before the presale ends.

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Wall Street Memes to Outperform Shiba Inu and Dogecoin 

WallStreetMemes is one of the most active Reddit communities, with almost half a million members spread throughout multiple social media networks. As mentioned above, the team behind the community has released a hugely successful NFT collection in the past, and they have now announced the listing of a new coin with the same name. The initiative took off immediately, putting the official $WSM token presale at the top of crypto presales in 2023. 

WallStreetMemes token raised nearly $3 million in just over a week, sometimes completing one stage every day. $WSM tokens are selling for $0.0262, but their price will increase with each stage of the presale. The demand is growing exponentially every hour, and the presale will reach its final goal of $30.577 million within the next few weeks. 

The token’s timing is perfect, as the interest in Doge and Shiba Inu reached a new all-time low. DOGE tokens are trading 90% lower than their all-time high, and even though they are expected to grow by a small margin in the future, Dogecoin has likely reached its maximum potential. As a result, the chances of DOGE reaching $1 are slim to none, even if Elon Musk leads to another price rally. 

On the other hand, Shiba Inu is working on a metaverse and a Shiba token exchange platform, which will give the SHIB coin a little more utility. However, the token is not expected to get anywhere near its historical gains of up to 19.000%. You can read more about the best meme coins here, but for now, let’s focus on the newest one that’s selling faster than any other coin.

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Wall Street Memes – The Next King of Memes

Wall Street Memes raised its first million in less than 48 hours. If the same trend continues, all 1 billion tokens available during the presale event will be sold in weeks. There are numerous reasons, so let’s go over the top five reasons why $WSM will outperform DOGE and all other meme coins in one sweep. 

The Wall Street Memes movement was created in 2021, allowing smaller investors to team up against huge Wall Street traders. The famous GameStop fiasco and the closure of Melvin Capital were their own doing, and it was the first time in trading history that the small guys outplayed hedge funds with hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal. 

The creation of the Wall Street Meme token proves that the Wall Street Bets heroes still have the energy to fight the crumbling traditional financial system. Tokenizing the movement was the next logical step, and since it’s backed by a massive community, it could lead to tectonic changes in the meme coin niche and crypto markets as a whole.

The community behind Wall Street Memes is no pushover. It counts over 523,000 active members on the WallStBets Instagram account alone. We’re probably looking at a million devoted followers if we count in another 214,000 Twitter followers and over 100,000 followers spread across two other Instagram channels and other social media.

WallStBets became so massive even Elon Musk mentioned them in his Tweets two times in the past. When the most influential person on the planet mentions you in a post – you know something is interesting going on. The launch of the $WSM token will undoubtedly result in another mention in Elon’s tweet shortly, which would boost the presale to an entirely new level.

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All But Guaranteed Listing on Binance and Other Leading Exchanges

The reasons mentioned above will likely put the $WSM token on all major crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, Uniswap, and others. That would lead to a massive bull run for the $WSM token, giving it a realistic chance of reaching a $1 billion market cap – a gigantic win for the WallStBulls team.

Impressive $WSM Airdrops Planned After Presale Closes

True to their original beliefs, the team behind Wall Street Memes will release all 1 billion tokens during the public presale, without any private presale stages or behind-the-scenes token allocation. Of the remaining 50% of tokens (another 1 billion $WSM), 30% will be given out through a reward system to token holders, while another 10% will go towards CEX and DEX liquidity pools.

Moreover, a small part of the 30% reserved for community rewards will be airdropped to the five luckiest investors who buy $WSM tokens during the presale. Each of them will receive $50,000 worth of tokens. So, you too, can become eligible by investing today and following a few simple steps that take only a minute to complete.

Experts Predict Huge Growth For $WSM Tokens

Even the experts are well aware of Wall Street Meme’s potential, so some analysts are already pouring thousands of dollars into the crypto. Once the word spreads, the demand will likely explode, driving the price of $WSM tokens higher every time it enters a new presale phase. 

Therefore, getting some tokens as soon as possible will lead to higher returns. Finally, considering that $WSM tokens are built on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, you can exchange your ETH or USDT for the tokens by connecting your wallet to the official website. 

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Wrapping Up 

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu might be meme coins with the highest market cap in the niche, but that will soon change forever. Wall Street Memes is backed by a massive active community and is made by the same people who managed to do the impossible by outperforming one of the largest hedge funds on the planet. Read more about the best crypto presales here, and good luck in your future investing ventures.