Wall Street Memes and yPredict Shines Amid Cryptocurrency Downturn – The Top Crypto Investments for 2023?

After the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, the crypto market experienced a downturn, and a large number of cryptocurrencies began to lose value. It is a fact that interest in a huge number of cryptocurrencies has declined, but even in these circumstances, those cryptos that really have great potential and bring users real chances for profit, not only “survived” but continued to achieve success. 

If you are in doubt about which cryptocurrency you should opt for at this moment, crypto experts advise turning to those cryptos that were rated as the top crypto Investments for 2023 this spring. In this sense, the top 3 cryptocurrencies that users are opting for are :

  1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM): Top meme coin for 2023
  2. yPredict ($YPRED): The best AI-powered crypto predicting platform
  3. Pepe Coin ($PEPE): One of the biggest winners this spring 

Wall Street Memes ($WSM): Top meme coin for 2023

Wall Street Memes ($WSM), considering its success so far, but also the potential it carries with it, is undoubtedly one of the hottest crypto presales at the moment and certainly one of the top cryptocurrencies for 2023. Considering the success that creators of $WSM tokens had in the past (when they sold out the Wall St Bulls NFT collection in just 32 minutes), good presale results were expected, but few could have predicted such an explosion. 

The $WSM token has so far managed to raise more than $7 million during the presale, and the number of investors who want to join early is increasing every day. That is probably  due to the positive predictions of crypto experts who believe that $WSM could explode in the coming period in the way that PEPE, DOGE, and SHIB exploded, and bring huge gains to early investors! 

Already during 2023, it is predicted that $WSM could reach the value of $0.085, and an additional motivation to join this hot presale can certainly be the prediction made by Jacob Crypto Bury, who believes that $WSM has 10-100x potential!

If you join the $WSM presale now, you will be able to grab $WSM at the best price that will never be so good again. So don’t hesitate, but grab this crypto that shines amidst the cryptocurrency downturn!

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yPredict ($YPRED):The best AI-powered crypto predicting platform

Another new crypto that shines amidst the cryptocurrency downturn and whose presale you should join as soon as possible is yPredict ($YPRED).

Why is the $YPRED token the choice of many investors? First of all, the yPredict platform successfully uses artificial intelligence to provide users with everything they need to successfully make crypto-related decisions!

The yPredict platform succeeds in identifying emerging trends, discovering dominant crypto patterns and providing detailed analysis, providing the most relevant price predictions, and finally, providing users with all the information that will help them raise their crypto activity to the highest possible level and get the most out of their crypto investment. yPredict is special for its revolutionary L2E (Learn-2-Earn) approach, which gives users additional motivation by rewarding them with native $YPRED tokens!

So, yPredict will help you as a crypto investor to optimize your earnings with the help of artificial intelligence, but even that is not the main reason for such a high demand for the $YPRED token. The biggest reason why yPredict ($YPRED) presale managed to raise more than $2.3 million in record time is that crypto experts believe that $YPRED is “the next 100x crypto”! So don’t miss this unique opportunity to buy this crypto that is set for massive gains now, while its price is only $0.09!

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Pepe Coin ($PEPE): One of the biggest winners this spring 

Talking about the top cryptocurrency investments for 2023, we simply have to mention Pepe Coin ($PEPE). It is a meme coin that exploded this spring and achieved truly astonishing results.  

Unfortunately, as quickly as it exploded and achieved huge growth, just as quickly this meme coin began to fall into oblivion. The demand for PEPE coin is not nearly as high as it was at the beginning of spring and this meme coin is experiencing a drop in value every day. As for the experts’ predictions, they are convinced that there are no chances for PEPE to repeat that success and that in the best case, during 2023, this once most hyped meme coin will manage to reach the value of $0.0389961. 

PEPE may have been the biggest winner of spring 2023, but he stood on the winning throne for a very short time and there is every chance that Wall Street Memes ($WSM) and yPredict ($YPRED) will completely put this meme coin into oblivion. 


Despite the recent market turbulence and the fact that the prices of certain cryptocurrencies have decreased, several cryptos are becoming even stronger than they were! Wise crypto investors at this moment are turning to two cryptos that have not only resisted these negative events but also have chances for huge gains in the future. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) and yPredict ($YPRED) are cryptocurrencies that record outstanding presale results and are already shining over the crypto sky! Grab them before the next price increase!