Wall Street Journal arguments against Trump indictment insult rule of law

In a recently published guest editorial from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the writer attempts to make the case that holding Donald Trump accountable, and indicting him on 37 charges related to his handling of classified documents, is “damaging to democracy” because it can be viewed as weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ) by President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Special Counsel Jack Smith against a declared candidate running for President.

The writer fails to mention that Trump’s indictments are a result of the findings of a grand jury made up of regular citizens that believe the evidence presented by career federal prosecutor Jack Smith shows criminality worthy of indictment and a trial in a federal court.

Biden and Garland were not involved in the grand jury’s deliberation of Trump’s alleged crimes and subsequent federal indictment. The DOJ, Garland, and special counsel Smith are merely doing their job and following the recommendations of the grand jury.