Wall Street is finding the silver lining on inflation, but how long will the 'good' times last?

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Today, we’ve got stories on the new generation of founders in the wake of the tech layoffs, why Goldman Sachs is probably not pumped about Twitter skipping rent payments, and what NOT to wear.

But first, I’ve got a new trading strategy.

Title inflation is hurting employees and companies

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1. Inflated expectations.

Inflation has wreaked havoc on American households as the cost of goods has outpaced wage growth over the past two years. But on Wall Street, a crisis is just a bit of financial engineering away from becoming an opportunity to make money.

That’s where inflation traders come in. The strategy of betting on the swings in consumer prices has exploded in recent years, with revenues from inflation trading going from $700 million in 2019 to $3.9 billion in 2022. 

That kind of spike is bound to turn heads. As a result, banks and hedge funds have scrambled to hire traders with experience in the space to get in on the action, Insider’s Kaja Whitehouse reports.

Kaja has a full breakdown of the inflation trader merry-go-round, mapping out more than a dozen traders who have been poached or promoted recently. 

I understand the push to get into a red-hot market, but I can’t help but wonder if finance firms have already missed the boat on this one.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May report indicated the Consumer Price Index is coming back down to earth. And for the first time in two years, pay raises actually caught up to inflation. Further driving home the point was the Federal Reserve’s decision to pause interest rate hikes after 10 consecutive bumps.

All of that is to say that inflation (hopefully) might not be sticking around. 

But that also begs the question: What are banks going to do with all these high-priced traders?

As Kaja has previously reported, they don’t come cheap. Some traders have been offered guaranteed pay of up to eight figures a year. And while inflation trading has the potential to generate some big returns, making your money back on hires like these might be a tall task if inflation has a short shelf life. 

It’s tough not to draw comparisons to the rise and fall of the index-rebalance trade, which went from one of the hottest strategies on the Street to somewhat of an afterthought. 

More on where the top players in inflation trading are landing amid a heated war for talent.

In other news:

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