Sue Bird is ready to pop off with Storm jersey retirement and World Cup travels

Yahoo Sports WNBA writer Cassandra Negley chats with basketball legend Sue Bird about her upcoming Seattle Storm jersey retirement ceremony, travel plans to New Zealand and Australia to watch her fiancée Megan Rapinoe play in the World Cup and how Corona is helping Sue enjoy retired life with the Finer Recliner. Plus, you can have the chance to kick back like Sue in a Finer Recliner of your very own.

Video Transcript


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: I was in a rideshare this weekend in Phoenix, and found out that I cover the WNBA. And he goes, did you see Sue Bird enjoying the game on the sideline in Seattle this weekend? What was that like to be courtside after 20 years?

SUE BIRD: You know, it’s weird. It really wasn’t that strange. It just kind of felt like this is where I am in life now, like this was the natural progression. I knew this day was going to come at some point, and now it’s actually here. The WNBA season starting and me going to a game– that was almost like the fin– I was going to say “nail in the coffin.” That’s kind of depressing. It was almost like the final hurdle of retirement, right? Like, actually feeling at peace.

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: So what is the jersey retirement going to be like then?

SUE BIRD: I did have a chance, especially after the last regular season game, to kind of address the crowd and say thank you. I didn’t really get to pinpoint people. It was kind of just like more of a general thank you. And so I think this jersey retirement will give me a chance to kind express my gratitude.

I’ve got a lot of family and friends coming in. And so it’ll be that. Yeah, that’ll definitely be the final hurrah, for sure, for sure. But yeah, it’ll be fun. You know, it’s only the second jersey to be retired in Storm history. So I get to join Lauren in the rafters, and I’m really looking forward to it.

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: We want to ask you some fun stuff, like maybe what you’re doing this summer, maybe a little trip to Australia, New Zealand?

SUE BIRD: If Megan does make the team and is headed to New Zealand, I will be there as well.

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: Are you bringing the recliner–


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: –to New Zealand? What’s in your recliner? I heard there’s some cool stuff.

SUE BIRD: There is some cool stuff. I wish I could bring that thing.


SUE BIRD: I’m like, low key, this World Cup is going to be like– I feel like I’m going backpacking. It’s so many cities. It’s so much travel. So if I could bring an additional bag with my Finer Recliner, I 100% would because it’s going to hold my Coronas. It’s got its own cooler. So it’s going to hold the Coronas. It’s super comfy.

Starting June 7 through the 14th, you can enter it by commenting on @CoronaUSA’s sweepstakes post with me on Instagram using the hashtag #CoronaFinerRecliner and hashtag #giveaway. There’s only five recliners. So– and they’re randomly picked, so yeah, may the Schwartz be with you.