Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Wednesday 14 June – Launchpad XYZ, BNB, Fantom

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The market capitalization of the global crypto market has slid again by 0.34% from yesterday’s position as reported in our last next cryptocurrency to explode post. The market capitalization is now at $1.06 trillion.

However, the crypto market had a trading volume of $31.21 billion in the last 24 hours. That means it increased by 8.07% in that time. The decentralized finance sector exchanged deals worth $2.04 billion to secure 6.53% of the total crypto market’s trading volume. Stablecoins, on the other hand, carried out deals worth $30.03 billion; which is 96.21% of the entire crypto market’s trading volume in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin lost 0.16% of its market dominance. Its market dominance level is now at 47.58%.

The market might be reacting like the stock market while waiting for the outcome of the US Federal Reserve meeting. The Feds will be meeting on Wednesday and Thursday to decide on important matters relating to interest rates and how to fight the alarming inflation.

European stock markets are also waiting on vital decisions and further directions from the European Central Bank. The ECB will most likely take a cue from the Feds’ decision when it is announced on Thursday.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

As the global economy struggles to find a foothold without having to deal with protracted debts and inflation, the crypto market is also seeking clarity. The market is trying to have a decisive rise without being tangled with external factors.

Most investors want to treat crypto as an investment on its own merit with its own returns.

1. yPredict (YPRED)

The yPredict platform has just announced on its Twitter page that it is going to launch its first predictive model tomorrow, Thursday. The model will help users accurately predict trends in the crypto market and also make informed decisions. yPredict further asked users to stay tuned for the big reveal it is going to share. The next big cryptocurrency to explode has a lot more for investors at this time. 

The platform seeks to help investors make informed decisions when they are engaged in crypto trading. yPredict’s native token, YPRED, has been on presale for weeks and it is now in its 6th stage. This asset has raised over $2.3 million so far and it is hoping to raise more.

Analysts predict that its price might rise beyond what is currently imagined within a year. But before the price can rise to a full dollar and beyond, the token would require an increased value. Going by its planned listing price of $0.12, it might have to rise by 83x to reach a height of $10 in 5 years. Although this seems to be a long time, the YPRED community believes it is doable.

One of the features of yPredict that will contribute to increasing the utility of its token is the platform’s unique marketplace. It is a place where AI and ML developers can get connected with financial industry traders and experts who need their services. Those traders and experts can subscribe to the developers’ models every month and get results through yPredict’s platform.

It is a means to let developers generate passive income when they offer their models. This will save them from having to engage in trades directly. The marketplace will, however, charge developers a fee of 20% on the amount clients pay for subscriptions. After 20%, another 10% goes to users who hold YPRED, and 70% finally gets to the developer.

This model puts yPredict in a situation where it connects skilled developers with those who need their models. It is, therefore, a mutually profitable network for all parties.

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2. BNB (BNB)

The Binance Coin (BNB) is the next cryptocurrency to explode as it is currently one of the assets leading the uptrend. It now sells at $248.58 while it is up by 5.22%. This is the coin’s first major rise since it was mentioned by the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a security. This gives hope that the crypto market is not falling into a bear market right now.

BNB has now shed off its losses to a large extent from where it dipped in the past week. It now seems to be the only asset that has significantly gained among all the first 20 cryptocurrencies in the market by their market capitalization.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a special factor fueling the coin’s rise. The court hearing the SEC’s case has refused to grant the Commission’s request to freeze Binance’s US assets as initially planned. This is considered a major win for Binance over the Commission and it has resonated throughout the crypto market. It also improved investors’ sentiment toward the acquisition of the BNB token

Binance Coin is a market high-flier while it constantly maintained its position as the market’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency. This current rise marks a turnaround moment in cryptocurrency after the recent crackdown from the US SEC.

Now that the coin has gotten to its lowest point in several months and has recovered from it, it might be safe to call it a bottom. But the general market condition might want to make one refrain as it could spin surprises.

It is now a better time for doubtful investors to invest in BNB. The next big cryptocurrency to explode might begin a run anytime soon and interested investors should visit eToro to buy some.

3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Launchpad XYZ has almost closed the $1 million mark in its presale. This shows signs of real growth and the confidence of investors in its future. The next cryptocurrency to explode is selling at $0.0445 at this stage of its presale for more investors to latch on to it before it gets listed on exchanges.

The project’s whitepaper emphasizes that it will empower traders with the adequate information they need to make decisions regarding buying and holding crypto assets. This user-centric solution will open the platform up to more users.

[embedded content]

The platform provides data in real-time and it includes the market mood on different assets too. It is a much-needed resource to trade with today.

As a perpetual decentralized exchange, it allows traders to properly create a hedge for their stakes effectively. This helps them reduce their exposure to sudden fluctuations in the market. 

Launchpad XYZ is also trying to keep abreast of the growing NFT market. It has a marketplace for NFT creators and collectors to do business together. There is also an exclusive deal for people who list their stakes on the platform.

The next big cryptocurrency to explode is selling out quite fast because of the features it offers. Investors who have joined the community have a chance to do so now.

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4. Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is also a market leader today and it is up by 0.49% while selling at $0.04684. It joined other altcoins as the wider crypto market pushed hard to recover from the bearish trend. But it is the next cryptocurrency to explode for a couple of other reasons.

It is a legacy protocol that has its own fundamental features supported by a powerful network. Its current bullish momentum was also begun by the recent news that its smart contract was getting an upgrade. The network said that more clarity and protection have been introduced for the good of all users.

According to reports, the new security it launched had been in the works since 2016. Hedera is now setting itself up for wider adoption by developers by preventing exploits as seen this year.

HBAR has protection as a utility token and this has guided its price action over time. Investors now have more encouragement to invest in the asset as it is more secure than ever. Visit eToro now to buy.


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