Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Tuesday 13 June – DeeLance, Filecoin, Immutable X

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The global cryptocurrency market has risen quite well today by a full percentage over Monday as reported in our last next cryptocurrency to explode post. This might be a spillover from the rise of European stocks at the beginning of the week. Tech and mining stocks took the lead to give investors a bright day.

The crypto market had a trading volume of $29.03 billion in the last 24 hours. This means it increased by 7.29% over the previous day. The decentralized finance sector recorded 7.08% of the market’s entire trading volume at a value of $2.05 billion. Stablecoins, on the other hand, recorded deals worth $27.94 billion. This is 96.26% of the market’s trading volume in the same period of time.

Bitcoin dominance, however, dropped from yesterday’s level by 0.06%. The coin’s market dominance is now at 47.73%.

The crypto market’s relationship with traditional finance moves from parallel to inverse proportions from time to time. It always depends on investors’ appetite at the time. 

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Assets in the market keep showing various conditions of the market and the mood of investors. Certain assets have been constant while the market experienced its latest turbulence while others were in recess. The basis of the next cryptocurrency to explode today are those making a significant coming and set to give investors huge returns in no time. 

Despite the recent lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, crypto assets are bouncing back. 

1. DeeLance (DLANCE)

DeeLance has now raised over $1.3 million in its presale while selling at $0.038. The 4th stage of the presale will be over in 10 days and the price will rise to $0.043, according to the platform’s website. It has maintained its place as the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

DeeLance was launched in response to the need for freelancers for a less stressful working platform. They want one without the meddling of existing platforms and a place where they can have full expression.

The new platform, built on Web3, was designed to be decentralized and run on crypto access. It aims to be a disruptive platform that serves as a marketplace for freelancers. It will leverage the power of NFTs and their native cryptocurrency to run a transparent and fair working environment for freelancers and their employers.

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The DeeLance platform is a simple-to-use one for all with no barriers to entry. Its registration process does not require any extra third-party interference or card information. All payment on the platform is done with crypto while smart contracts make sure it remains transparent and secure.

The basis of DeeLance is the tokenization of freelancers’ work items and services. This makes sure that works are secure and dependable transferred. This makes all parties involved sure of getting what they require.

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2. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin is one of the crypto assets that gained the most from the recent drama of the SEC. the market through a correction at that time and some cryptocurrencies are springing up hard as a result of the correction. 

The network’s native currency, FIL, is currently up by 5.78% as of the time of this report and it sells at $3.64. Even though it had risen to 8.25% earlier. FIL received a hard blow from the SEC after it was named as an unregistered security. But its 24-hour trading volume rose by 68.31% to $172 million. This is an important feature of the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

The increased trading activity around the coin shows that investors have lots of confidence in it and they are still accumulating the coin.

Analysts have put out some predictions of the asset’s price trajectory for the rest of this year into 2025. It is said that FIL is expected to recover and rise as high as $5.25 before the end of 2023. In the medium term, however, the same set of analysts see FIL rising to $6.32 towards the middle of 2025 and $6.73 by the end of the year.

FIL is an asset with a lot of prospects in the market but it requires investors’ push.

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3. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The Wall Street Memes token is designed to revolutionalize the tokenization of the meme movement. This was the same movement that began the short squeeze experienced by AMC and GameStop. It also plans to build on what it already has after Twitter and Instagram.

The token’s presale has raised more than $6.5 million since it began. This reveals that investors have a lot of interest and trust in the new project. It is then undisputable that WSM is the next cryptocurrency to explode. New memecoins usually have a lot of traction that established market leaders would have. This shows further that those coins have more immediate prospects than a lot of others. 

This is why investors are giving their all to it. The project also has the backing of social and economic influencers in the crypto industry like Elon Musk and Michael Wrubel. Investors are further encouraged to buy WSM tokens before the presale ends when they see such support.

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4. Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X has also risen today as the next cryptocurrency to explode. It is currently up by 3.27% and selling at $0.6312 after struggling hard with others to ride out of the SEC-induced market storm.

The increased trading activity IMX has seen in the last 24 hours is indicative of the market’s mood and trust. Investors accumulate such assets as they believe for the long term at times like this. 

Initial price predictions for the IMX token said the price might rise to $1 in the third quarter of this year. But the recent turn of events might not make that come true. However, it can still be achieved before the end of the year, according to analysts.

Investors are getting set to accumulate IMX again on a larger scale than before. Investors who haven’t done so should visit eToro now as it is the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

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