New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – AI-X, Elon Floki CEO, Robo Pepe

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New Cryptocurrencies are added to the coin market each day. Since our cryptocurrency listings update yesterday, several new coin projects have been listed on various exchanges worldwide. Each new cryptocurrency faces a different response from the market. Some new cryptos enjoy dramatic price increases, and others tank upon arrival. 

This article provides an overview of new coin listings today. Generally, we keep track of the market spot new coins floated each day and give a daily update about these new cryptos. Our list today includes some of the latest listings on Uniswap, Coinmarketcap, and other exchanges. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presale Today

Another new cryptocurrency release today, Robo Pepe, was added to CoinMarketCap a few hours ago. The highlights below feature details of these coins and presale coins that are gathering momentum. Launchpad XYZ, for instance, makes our list because of the success it’s recording in its presale offering. Discover more about these new cryptos and other similar coins below.  


ROBO PEPE is building a bridge between memecoin and the P2E concepts. The project bears a dual nature of entertainment derived from the gaming experience and income model derived from its stalking and rewards. Further description is captured in the CoinMarketCap description below. 

ROBO PEPE, a decentralized Meme Coin, sets itself apart in the vast universe of cryptocurrencies. Originating from his home planet Pepemoon X1010, $ROBOPEPE has landed on Earth with a mission to restore equilibrium in the crypto domain. An intriguing fusion of a biological frog entity and a formidable machine, $ROBOPEPE aims to ascend to the zenith of memecoins, dismantling the competition with his superior Genesis Protocol. The unique offerings of $ROBOPEPE extend far beyond those of typical memecoins, encompassing liquid staking, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) integration. The initiative stands as a community-driven project, appealing to users with its robust and secure tokenomics. 

ROBO PEPE is not only about fun and entertainment. It also offers to stake to holders. The move allows $ROBOPEPE holders to earn more returns on their $ROBOPEPE coins over time. Furthermore, the platform makes the staking process so flexible that holders can unstake their coins at will. The aim is to help stabilize the platform. ROBO PEPE takes the project even further by introducing its NFTs. The platform intends to distribute its NFTs through Opensea.  

Currently, ROBO PEPE coins go for $0.001737, down by 0.42% compared to its 24-hour price. Also, it has a 24-hours trading volume of $21,434. It has a max supply of 1 billion ROBOPEPE coins, but the market cap is unknown. It has attained #4545 on CoinMarketCap and could be the new crypto to dominate the memecoin category. ROBO PEPE is listed on Uniswap v2. 

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Italy’s longest-serving prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi is immortalized in the new cryptocurrency release named after him. BERLUSCONI is set to be a decentralized project that would assume the price given to it by the community. While much is not known about the coin yet, below is a quick highlight of what Coinmarketcap says about the coin. 

Italy is the country that I love. Here, I have my roots, my hopes, my horizons. It is here that I learned, from my father and life, my craft as an entrepreneur. It is here that I acquired a passion for freedom. I have chosen to step onto the blockchain field and engage in public affairs because I refuse to live in an illiberal country governed by immature forces and individuals closely tied to a politically and economically bankrupt past. 

As I stand before you today, I am reminded of the immense potential that lies within Italy. We are a nation rich in history, culture, and talent. However, we have also faced our fair share of challenges. It is time for us to rise above these obstacles and forge a path toward a brighter future. I believe in the power of unity and collaboration and decentralization Together, we can overcome any adversity that stands in our way. We must work hand in hand to build a prosperous and inclusive society, where every citizen has the opportunity to succeed.

BERLUSCONI has positioned itself as an unconventional coin. As of today, the new crypto is priced at $0.0000003312 and it has a 24-hours trading volume of $46,988.44. There is currently no information about the circulating supply. However, the max supply is 86 billion $SILVIO coins. SILVIO ranks at #4072 according to Coinmarketcap ranking. BERLUSCONI is listed on Uniswap v2. 

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3. AI-X (X)

AI-X is the new cryptocurrency release joining the AI-backed tokens category. The project is based on the ERC-20 standard. It has a vision of leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to shape the world for the better. The project works with a team of experts who create astonishing AI-based techs across various industries. It aims at creating a decentralized digital asset exchange network. More is said about the project on CoinMarketCap. 

AI-X is a revolutionary blockchain-based cryptocurrency project that aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to create a decentralized ecosystem for the exchange of digital assets. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, AI-X seeks to revolutionize the financial industry by providing unparalleled speed, security, and scalability.

The AI-X token, symbolized as X, is the native digital currency of the platform. It serves as the fuel that powers all transactions within the ecosystem. X is designed to have lightning-fast transaction times and ultra-low fees, ensuring seamless and cost-effective transfers of value.

The project invites investors to join the revolution as they take the world on an efficient and more decentralized world powered by innovative AI solutions. The token currently has a market value of $0.0000000000134 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,015,356. The coin has witnessed a growth of 52% over its 24-hour value and continues to witness an upward trend. X max supply is set at 10 Trillion coins, but the value of its circulating supply is currently unknown. X is listed on Uniswap V2.

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4. Elon Floki CEO (ELONFLOKI)

Elon Floki CEO is a community-driven blockchain project that’s inspired by Elon Musk’s pet dog. The new coins is set to revolutionize how people view cryptocurrency. According to its white paper, it’s intended to be a virtual currency whose value is driven by the demand and supply in its community. As a sentiment project, it’s aimed at breaking the monotony of traditional currency. The snippet below is the description of the project as featured on CoinMarketCap. 

Elon Floki CEO  ($ElonFloki) is a deflationary BEP20 token from Binance Smart Chain, self-sustaining with a decentralized ecosystem that has $BUSD as a reward for investors His whole life he dreamed of becoming famous and rich. One day he decided to invest in Crypto Meme Tokens. This turned out to be the best decision of his life. Now he has been admitted into the Billionaires Club where he enjoys his life in high society. Buy $ElonFloki now to become a member of the Billionaires Club too. The project goal is to reach a market cap of 2 billion USD!

Currently, the price of ELONFLOKI is $0.000046, and it has a 24-hour trading volume of $24,091. ELONFLOKI ranks #4488 on CoinMarketCap, with a max supply of 1 billion coins. Information about its market cap is unavailable. 

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5. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Launchpad XYZ is a top-ranking upcoming crypto project showing resilience in its presale. So far, it’s gone from zero to over $900K in presale fundraising. The project is out to proffer a solution to the fractured web3 marketplace. Launchpad is developing an all-encompassing solution that serves as a home to web3. In its approach, the project intends to host a blockchain-based portal, where users will have unbiased windows into the latest happenings across web3.

Ultimately, the launchpad is making the interaction between people and web3 easier for non-technical, everyday people who may not understand the technicalities behind these platforms. Likewise, the platform seeks to help brands and organizations transition from web2 to web3. It’s making the tools and information needed for brands to successfully integrate the concepts of web3 into the regular web2 platforms. Its new tokens, $LPX, would be the currency of the platform. 

With such a robust and wide-range vision, It’s no wonder that the project is pushing on with so much momentum. Currently, the price of LPX is 0.0445 and will soon attain the $0.046 mark. The goal is to attain the listing price of $0.0565 before the coin goes on sale. 

Visit Launchpad XYZ presale.

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