New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – AI Meta Club, EMDX, 0xGasless

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There have been new additions to the coin market since our last new cryptocurrency listings update. A quick look at CoinMarketCap’s new coins page shows about 30 new cryptocurrency releases in the last 24 hours alone. 

This article provides a quick overview of the new cryptocurrency releases today. The aim is to spotlight new cryptos and share some highlights of what they are all about. The article also covers some details of the prices of the new tokens, their market cap, and the max supply. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

Today, we’re featuring new crypto releases which include AI Meta Club, OXGasless, EMDX, and others. Not just that, we’ve also included one of the top-performing presales you should check out, especially if you’re looking to invest in blockchain-backed AI projects. 

1. AI Meta Club (AMC)

According to the information shared on its website, AI Meta Club, AIMC, is building a community of individuals, who are passionate about AI technologies and the metaverse. The community is hosted on the AIMC’s DAO platform. The aim, according to its website, is to build a hub where community members learn, earn, connect, interact, and discuss AI trends and opportunities. 

In its white paper, it claims to reward members based on their engagement with the platform and the knowledge memes share with the community. With the initiative, AIMC hopes to keep members up to date on AI trends and provide opportunities for members to participate in events, launches, and high-value projects. 

Below is AMC’s description as featured no CoinMarketCap.

AI Meta Club is a platform that brings together like-minded individuals passionate about exploring the potential of AI and metaverse technologies. It provides a hub for community members to come together, connect, interact, learn, and earn rewards for sharing their knowledge on AI technology, trends, and opportunities. As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), on the Ethereum Layer 2 Arbitrum, AI Meta Club uses artificial intelligence to guide and power governance. With artificial intelligence helping to keep human emotions and groupthink in check, it is hoped that better governance decisions be made for the greater good of the DAO, the blockchain community, and mankind as a whole. 

AMC is sold for $2.97 today, with 24 hours trading volume of $5,606,766. The circulating supply is still unknown as well as its market cap. However, it has a max volume of 1 billion. AMC is currently listed on  Poloniex. 

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EMDX is working towards becoming a one-stop shop for liquid derivative projects. According to its whitepaper, the project is building a platform that enables cross-fi liquidity between traditional assets and the web3 environment. In summary, it’s a decentralized derivative exchange that provides a unique trading experience to users who want to trade highly liquid derivative products. The range of activities listed in its white paper includes perpetual contracts, features, and sports product trading. It allows directional trades, arbitrage, and hedging. In its claims, the aim is to enable traders to carry out trading activities via its efficient protocol. 

Here’s how CoinMarketCap describes EMDX:

EMDX is a decentralized derivatives protocol focused on real-world and emerging market assets, partnering with TradFi operators to enhance access to assets and risk-hedging tools. $EMDX is used for: – Governance rights – Staking rewards – Trading rewards – Trading fee discounts – EMDX Subnet fees payments – Access to community events and initiatives. The EMDX team has over 25 years of combined expertise in crypto law, blockchain development, and digital marketing in Argentina, with an extensive network in the LatAm financial sector. EMDX’s long-term goal is to establish itself as the preferred whitelabel DeFi solution for institutional and private investors, offering a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform to trade emerging market assets.

Currently, EMDX is valued at  $0.097342. There are no records of its trading volume yet. According to CoinMarketCap ranking, EMDX rated #10431. Similarly, there is no information about the circulating supply of EMDX. However, it has a max supply of 500 million coins. EMDX is currently listed on  Trader Joe v2.1 (Avalanche). 

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3. PEPE Wrestling (PEPEWWE)

PEPE Wrestling is best read backward as Wrestling PEPE. According to the information available on its website, the new cryptocurrency project is aimed at creating a noteworthy gaming platform with a focus on meeting the esports competition standards. It wants to develop a gaming experience that outwits the current NFT gaming industry. 

In its claims, it states that the platform is looking towards creating free-to-play but competitive games that are similar to eSports and PVPs. However, the gaming experience would be delivered via blockchain technology as opposed to traditional gaming consoles.  

Nonetheless, CoinMarketCap displays a warning signal on the coin page. Therefore, users are advised to engage with the project carefully. Below is what the PEPE Wrestling CoinMarketCap description states.  

The Wrestling PEPE team looks towards creating the next blockbuster fighting game with esports competition in mind. Our aspirations towards building a best-level game are what first sets us apart from others in the NFT gaming industry. Such an undertaking used to be impossible for independent studios, but today with the fundraising capabilities of the crypto and NFTs this is a realistic and achievable goal. Paying homage to the old-school fighting games we all grew up with, PEPE Wrestling looks to take that inspiration and apply it to the industry-defining innovation possible with blockchain technology.

PEPE Wrestling sells for $0.000000005501 as of today. It also has a 24-hours trading volume of $120,114. The token ranks #3477 on CoinMarketCap and has a max supply of 100 trillion. So far, there is no information about its circulating supply and market cap. Similarly, there is no information about exchanges it’s listed on. 

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4. 0xGasless (0XGAS)

0xGasless is out to create a web3 platform that allows users to swap tokens without paying the gas. It claims it’s going to approach the solution through what is called account abstraction. In its white paper, it states that Gasless Swap is the technology that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without a central authority. 

It claims that the presence of gas fees in the system indicates the influence of central authorities. OxGasless hopes to fill the gap and return the cryptocurrency sector to its truly decentralized focus. 

Find further description in the CoinMarketCap snippet featured below. 

0xGasless is a gasless ecosystem that seeks to eliminate gas transactions It’s a novel solution to the gas fee problem, enabling users to conduct transactions on the Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible networks without incurring gas costs. The ecosystem will boast of the following applications: MEV free Gasless swap – These swaps leverage the concept of relayers or protocol wallets to facilitate trades between users. Relayers act as intermediaries, executing trades on behalf of users and absorbing the gas fees associated with the transactions. This approach allows users to interact with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or execute smart contract operations seamlessly without worrying about gas fees.

As of today, OxGasless has a 24-hour trading volume of $58,607.41. Its price is currently $0.002586. Nothing is said of its market cap and circulating supply. However, the max supply is 100 million 0xGas coins. The coin is ranked at #3862 on CoinMarketCap and is listed on Uniswap V2. 

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5. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict is an upcoming crypto asset that has shown immense potential in its short time on resale. In only six stages of presale launch, the new crypto has raised well over $2.4 million. 

[embedded content]

As an AI-backed project, it is working towards developing State-of-Art predictive models. The goal is to provide data insight to traders, giving them an edge over the market. YPredict is creating a level playing ground for participants in any industry. In addition, the tool intends to provide trading signals to users as well as a host of other analytical capabilities. The YPRED is proposed as the native token of the platform. 

A few days ago, the first use case of yPredict went live as a free-to-use platform to beta-test the capabilities of its AI tech.

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