'Listen to papa, start investing' says ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

Dads are our heroes. From kicking a football to toughing up against the travails of life, they gave us our very first lessons. Every year, on the third Sunday of June, the world celebrates Father’s Day to honour the father figures and paternal bonds. 

Father figures are often used in advertising as caregivers and protectors, especially for insurance, vehicle, real estate brands, etc., often as goofy jokesters or as weary executives. Most Indian ads traditionally show fathers spending time with kids in shared activity, giving care, practical support and mentorship, and ensuring financial security for their families rather than engaging in childcare of household activities.

These days, dads have been taking over ad spaces that were earlier deemed to be in the mom territory, like sanitary pads, nutrition and washing powders.

As we gear up for Father’s Day on June 18, we look at some of the most memorable ads from India that celebrated the spirit of fatherhood.


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This Titan ad from the 90s showcases a tender father-daughter relationship. The ad shows how the dad conspires with his younger daughter to gift his elder one a Titan watch at her wedding. He nudges the younger one to play the Titan tune on the piano the moment her sister opens her gift box. Everything about the ad, right from the actors’ sincere performances to the tune, is magical.


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Suiting brand Raymonds is known for its nuanced portrayal of men as sensitive beings. In this classic ad, a dapper young man, dressed to the nines, cuddles with his child. “Feels like heaven, feels like Raymond,” says the words across the screen, as the ad explores fatherhood as part of being “The Complete Man.”

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 A few years ago, the brand explored the fatherhood trope again in an ad where a weary, overworked father steals some genuine moments of joy with his son, giving him a ride on the wheelbarrow. Years go by, and the roles are reversed with the father being given a ride on his wheelchair by the son. The ad “Circle of Life” is centred on the theme of becoming a “father” to the man who also brought you up.


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Stayfree India dared to broach the topic of dads having “the talk” with their daughters in the campaign “It’s just a period.” Often, it is the mother who initiates the conversation about periods in most Indian households. In a reversal of role, modern dads take on the responsibility to end the stigma and shame around menstruation by engaging in conversations about periods with their daughters.


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In India, daughter’s wedding is often a bitter-sweet occasion for a dad. On one hand, there’s the relief of checking one socially imposed paternal duty off the list, and on the other, the heartache of parting with one’s child. Tanishq captures this poignant sentiment, showcasing how fathers across the country deal with this conflicting emotion in its TVC for  Rivaah Brides.

Tanishq also broke new grounds with its progressive views on remarriage and fatherhood. In this 2013 ad, the bride is a mother with a young daughter. The groom not only becomes a husband that day but also vows to take on the responsibilities of a father to his step-daughter.


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Ariel’s award-winning “Share the load” campaign broached some uncomfortable topics about the onus of domestic labour. This ad shows a repentent father who laments about reinforcing gender roles by never contributing to household chores. As he watches his daughter juggle professional and domestic responsibilities, he becomes a changed man. 


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Dhara’s early 2000s ad for its cooking oil focused on how children visualise their dads as sources of strength and stability. The TVC is memorable for the little girl’s spirited declaration of “My daddy strongest!” at the end of the film.