Lanistar Launches Cryptocurrency Integration in Brazil Through Latest 2023 App Update

As part of its 2023 growth plan, fintech company Lanistar has introduced its first stage of crypto integration to its app, allowing users to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Lanistar, the renowned fintech startup known for its social media presence, has introduced a groundbreaking update to its mobile payment app, enabling Brazilian users to seamlessly buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, directly from the Lanistar app.

As part of its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the future of finance, Lanistar has adopted a modern, innovative approach to money management. This includes eliminating physical plastic cards to reduce waste and advocating for cryptocurrency as a viable financial solution for underserved populations.

Merton Smith, the Chief Commercial Officer at Lanistar, explained the significance of their virtual cards, stating, “The plastic-free virtual cards, it gives us that flexibility that we’re not simply bolted to a table like a terminal in a fixed format: we’re virtual. So wherever users go, the virtual goes too”.

Smith continued, “So, you know, we’re embracing crypto, and crypto is an example where there’s no- you know, it’s definite, it’s defined, it’s there. I think that we serve the underbanked, the underserved people who don’t feel like they are represented by these traditional banking institutions. And I think crypto is one of the things that people have turned to as an alternative to these systems”.

Cryptocurrency emerged as a significant topic in the financial landscape in 2009, with Bitcoin’s creation in response to the preceding financial crisis. In recent years, this technology, along with its associated virtual currencies, has gained widespread public acceptance. Endorsements by influential figures like Elon Musk, as well as support from well-known brands such as Gucci and Starbucks, have propelled cryptocurrency into various everyday transactions.

Of greater significance, however, is cryptocurrency’s appeal to individuals worldwide who have lost faith in their national banking systems. The immutable security offered by blockchain technology has captivated these individuals, prompting them to seek an alternative solution. Lanistar recognizes this need and aims to make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible.

Jeremy Baber, CEO of Lanistar, discussed the user-friendly design of the Lanistar crypto exchange, emphasizing the simplicity and straightforwardness of the layout. He stated, “The layout is simple, straightforward. Some exchanges, they fill the screen with information, it’s overwhelming, and that can make new investors nervous. With Lanistar, our goal is to make something that anyone can use. Where users can just log on, tap a few buttons, and their chosen crypto is there, in their account. That’s the goal”.

The Lanistar app, along with its current crypto functionalities, is currently available in Brazil. The app is expected to expand to the UK and other LATAM regions later this year. Additional features, including a comprehensive crypto exchange with send and receive capabilities, will be introduced later this summer, providing a complete ‘AnyMoney’ solution.

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