Kept by krungsri launches ‘Kept Invest’, a new investment alternative with expert guidance for the new generation

Kept by krungsri, an innovative financial management platform, continues to serve as a digital money-saving platform for the new generation with the launch of “Kept Invest”. The feature aims to maximize the financial benefits of savings by providing a complete information hub and guidance to ensure informed choices. Kept Invest offers five distinct investment plans tailored to the diverse needs of users and aims to have over 50,000 accounts and assets under management (AUM) of over five billion baht within three years.

From the time it was launched, Kept by krungsri has become an innovative financial management platform, driven by a fundamental mission of “Creating financial discipline for the new generation.” The service is designed to inspire the young generation to save systematically and conveniently through the app, with the concept of “small change for a BIG FUTURE”. Since then, saving money has never been more effortless, enjoyable, and rewarding. Kept by krungsri has become a preferred channel that meets users’ lifestyles with over 450,000 new-generation savers has constantly grown their savings on the app. The launch of Kept Invest is another step forward for Kept by Krungsri to help the young generation to save and achieve their goals through investment opportunities.

Damisa Phisitvanich, Krungsri Head of Retail Products and Marketing Group, said “Kept by krungsri’s missions goes beyond encouraging savings among the Thai population, particularly the new generation. We also aim to empower individuals to effectively manage their finances and foster balanced growth. Our initial mission of instilling savings discipline in the new generation has been successfully accomplished, as evidenced by the average balance of 50,000-200,000 baht per person which tends to increase the balance from automatic savings and high-interest returns shown in the app. We are excited to launch Kept Invest which is designed to nurture the next generation’s investment discipline and provide our clients with vital opportunities for growth in line with our mission.”

“We have studied the behaviours and needs of our target groups and explored suitable investment solutions. The key challenge for us is to maximize the growth of customers’ existing savings. To achieve this, we have developed an open-investment platform that goes beyond our own product offerings, allowing customers the freedom to choose their investments. Our goal is to make investing easier, especially for those who are new to mutual funds. However, we are committed to delivering a seamless, convenient, and enjoyable customer journey. That is why we have partnered with industry leaders like FINNOMENA, which allows us to meet all investment needs.” Damisa added.

Darika Phagapasvivat, Krungsri Head of Customer Management Department and Chief Product Owner of Kept by krungsri said Kept Invest has simplified the investment process, ensuring an effortless journey for customers who wants to start to invest in mutual funds and for those who want to diversify their investments. Kept Invest is designed to cover all the investment journeys from:

  • Knowledge Hub in Kept by krungsri application enables investors to study and gain insights before making any investment decisions.
  • Kept Invest also offers “Plan now Invest later” allowing young generation investors to experiment with creating investment plans that meet with their preferences. This enables them to explore suitable investment options before opening an account. With the Kept advice service, customers can have free advice from experts both prior to and after investing.
  • Start the journey with investment plans[1] that cater to investors of all capital sizes, acceptable risk levels and goals. There are five investment plans as follows. First Million Plan is designed for those who are aiming to accumulate their first million and offers the flexibility of investing small amounts through a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with recommendations for portfolio adjustments based on their financial situation. Goal Plan is for those who want to save money for future goals such as retirement, a house, or a car. Investors can set their own investment goals for their target achievement. In addition, All Balance Plan is specifically tailored for those with substantial wealth and seeking to maximize growth opportunities. Tax Saving Fund Plan helps investors to invest in SSF or RMF funds from multiple asset management companies, by consolidating all options within the Kept by krungsri app It also recommends funds that are worth investing in. (please refer to the investment manual of SSF and RMF funds for information on specific tax benefits) Lastly, D-I-Y Plan is ideal for investors who prefer managing their own portfolios, they can select mutual fund of their choices with provided tools to help making decisions. The minimum investment can start at one baht.
  • Seamlessly manage your finances with the new “My Wealth” feature, offering a finance overview, including both deposits and investments. The feature also allows investors to track the interest earned from their savings and investment returns in one place.
  • Conveniently apply without the paperwork to start investing with Kept Invest powered by FINNOMENA, customers can follow four easy steps:
  1. Download the Kept by Krungsri application and open Kept Invest account
  2. Start the mutual fund account opening process and follow the steps.
  3. Complete the identity verification process and authorize automatic direct debit with Kept by krungsri account
  4. Start investing after mutual fund account was approved

“We expected that Kept Invest will meet the evolving needs of the new generation who seek diverse investment options to achieve their future financial goals. Our commitment remains aligned with the core concept of Kept by krungsri, ensuring that every interaction with our application is effortless and enjoyable for our valued customers.” Damisa concluded.

For more information, please visit

or calling Kept help center at 02-296-6299

Caution: Investments contain risks, the investor is advised to examine the prospectus, conditions, tax manual, returns and risks before making an investment decision.

[1] Remark: Investment plan selected by FINNOMENA (details of various investment plans, fund information and investment benefits offered through Kept Invest are prepared by Finnomena Co., Ltd. Kept by krungsri is only a product presenter as a broker appointed by Finnomena Co., Ltd.)

Source: Spark Communications