Invest in Backup Power With 45% Off This Champion Portable Generator at Amazon

You may not be able to predict the timing of the next power outage, but you can prepare for when it happens. A portable generator will allow you to keep the lights on and continue running small appliances and medical devices. Before you’re caught off guard, you can get this Champion 2500-Watt Portable Generator for 45 percent off at Amazon.

For under $500, this dual-fuel (gas and propane) generator is versatile enough for emergencies, weekend camping trips, and backyard barbecues. It features 2,500 starting watts of power and offers between 11.5 and 34 hours of run time—depending on which fuel you use, according to Champion.

2500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator



The portable generator offers two 120-volt, 20-amp AC outlets, a 12-volt socket, and a dual-port USB adapter, allowing you to charge smaller electronic devices. It also weighs only 39 pounds, which is light enough for one person to carry via the sturdy handle. Champion says this model offers quiet operation of 53 decibels from 23 feet away, so it shouldn’t be an annoyance if you’re using it at a campsite.

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The 2500-Watt Portable Generator also works with Champion’s optional ParaLink Parallel Kit, allowing you to connect it to a second of the same model. With this sale taking almost half off the regular price, investing in two may be a good idea; you’ll get double the power output at a little more than the regular price of one of these generators.

While this specific model isn’t in our guide for the best portable generators, we do include other Champion models.

Before you buy, remember that portable generators pose several safety risks—including carbon monoxide poisoning—if not used properly. You should always use a portable generator outside, at least 20 feet from your house.

Still, if you want to avoid a portable generator’s maintenance and safety concerns, consider buying a portable power station instead. These devices operate similarly but run on rechargeable batteries, which you can charge through a wall outlet or solar panel.

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