ICEA ends investments opportunities conference

ICEA Lion asset management has announced the end of their 8th Annual Conference that was held in Phuket, Thailand.

The conference held from May 22-27 was said to be a success with attendance and participation from their clients.

The conference was attended by clients of ICEA Lion Asset Management and trustees-administered pension schemes.

The theme of the conference was, “Shifting sands through the investor’s hourglass”.

It sought to educate and engage participants on the various investment options available.

This is to enable them to increase the returns on the investments that they manage on behalf of the staff and organizations that they represent.

The conference also featured several high-level speakers who spoke on various topics including Bond Investing.

It also featured a highly engaging panel discussion on the topic of Building Sustainable Alternative Investment Portfolios.

The CEO Einstein Kihanda said the conference was held to sensitise clients on the various opportunities that exist for them to grow their investments.

“We were pleased to discuss various alternative investments away from the traditional investment vehicles that were presented by knowledgeable and well-informed speakers,” he said.

He said they were looking forward to more such conferences to allow their clients to engage with them in a more informal setting.