Embrace AI: Top 3 Tech Stocks Crushing the Competition

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Generally speaking, tech stocks are crushing the competition in 2023. It’s old news by now, but a select few stocks are responsible for a resurgent Nasdaq. That said, rather than debating this reality, it’s clearly important that investors understand that mega-cap stocks are embracing AI, and driving significant gains right now.

It’s not only these companies that are embracing artificial intelligence. The entire world is. Thus, the time for debating whether investing in AI is a good idea has passed. The business opportunities are too great, and the potential productivity gains too appealing.

AI is likely to be the most disruptive technology perhaps in our lifetimes. That suggests investors have to stay abreast of AI innovations and news related to the key tech stocks driving the discussion in this sector right now.

NVDA Nvidia $426.92 MSFT Microsoft $346.62 GOOG Alphabet $124.06

These three tech stocks are certainly embracing artificial intelligence, leading to potentially incredible long-term upside for investors.More From InvestorPlace

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