Did you know about “Halal” Islamic Coin Cryptocurrency?

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Islamic coin. (Islamic Coin/ Twitter)

ALBAWABA – The Islamic coin is the world’s first Sharia cryptocurrency, founded by Andrey Kuznetsov, Alex Malkov, Mohammad Al Hashmi and Hussein Al Meeza.

The Halal currency was launched last month on May 2023 and already had its first successful private sale in the Crypto market.

You may ask, what makes this cryptocurrency halal?

Islamic Coin operates on a blockchain called “Haqq,” which means “truth” in Arabic, so it is dedicated to keeping ethics and Islamic laws first.

What makes it special as well is that unlike other currencies and banks, Islamic Coin’s main business is not to earn money by charging interest which is referred to as Riba in Islam.

This will encourage Muslims around the world to join the digital age of finance in an ethical way. The blockchain is eco-friendly and is compatible with Ethereum making it trouble-free for people to move their projects somewhere else.

Islamic Coin (Twitter)

The cryptocurrency already has its own Haqq application called the “Haqq Wallet”, its own discord server and telegram for its community to discuss things about it.

A non-profit virtual foundation called Evergreen DAO that prioritizes long-term sustainability and community impact receives 10 percent of every Islamic currency produced. The co-founders do not make funding decisions for initiatives.

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