7 Best Fidelity Mutual Funds Of 2023

To harvest Forbes Advisor’s Best Fidelity Mutual Funds from among the hundreds offered, we screened for those with fees below 0.50%, Morningstar ratings of three stars or more and a minimum track record of 10 years. From that list we eliminated narrowly focused funds with niche asset classes or nontraditional investment strategies.

We stuck to popular investment categories, of interest to our readers. Our list includes U.S. stock and fixed-income funds. We screened out funds whose returns lagged their Morningstar category.

In our final list we included index and actively managed funds. We included funds that focus on stocks of various sizes as well as growth, value and core stocks. Due to the high interest rate environment, we added a money market mutual fund with superior yield to benefit investors who need access to their cash in the near term. It also has a low minimum initial investment of $1.

We favored lower fee funds with one exception. We included FCPVX, an actively managed, small-cap value fund. That fund gives readers a strategy for further diversifying their own portfolios.

You can use this Fidelity mutual fund list to build a well-diversified investment portfolio or to expand upon an existing one.