Reliant Life Shares Life Settlements Again Proving Value in Inflated Stock Market Conditions

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — Would you like to know the “best kept secret on Wall Street”? The secret is revealed in only two priceless words: life settlements. Large and successful financial institutions, such as Warren Buffet, Wells Fargo, and Merrill Lynch, have been discreetly investing billions in this asset class for generations, and that in itself speaks volumes about the benefits that life settlements can offer. In the midst of the difficult times of COVID19, experts had expected that the economic meltdown in 2020 would be similar to the 2008 crash. The domino effect of another prolonged stock market crash, offset by the coronavirus pandemic, would undoubtedly harm the security and prosperity of businesses and investors worldwide, and to the point of no return for some. Since life settlements have no correlation with stocks or financial markets, oil prices, interest rates, or traditional investment classes, investing in them can provide exceptional returns with minimal risk. Moreover, they have proven to be a smart and reliable investment plan – even in highly unstable and unpredictable times, such as the inopportune COVID-19 age.

Leaving aside the negative effects of the pandemic, the average life expectancy of Americans is higher than ever. Although this is a positive point for senior citizens’ personal affairs, it also poses as a financial concern regarding whether their retirement funds can last along with them. To ease this anxiety, a substantial demographic of senior citizens are now taking advantage of life settlements, where a life insurance policy is sold to a third party in exchange for a cash payment greater than the surrender value but less than its death merit. Life settlements are a mutually beneficial affair — not only are they an attractive solution for seniors, but they’ve proven to be a rewarding asset for investors as well, especially since this is not a saturated market. However, more and more investors are beginning to discover the potential of this hidden gold mine, and your chance to unearth your fortune with Reliant Life Shares LLC awaits.

Reliant Life Shares LLC is a life settlement investment company that offers services that are highly beneficial for both parties involved in the investment process— the seniors and the investors. The investment services provided by Reliant Life Shares, LLC and the means by which they are executed determine why this company is transforming itself into one of the best fractional life settlement companies in the industry. Reliant’s president, Scott Grady, has been immersed in the life settlement asset class for over a decade and has evaluated over ten thousand life settlement policies. Reliant Life Shares certainly has a great head on its shoulders; Grady has generated more than a billion dollars in life settlement transactions and has built extensive relationships with many institutional investment banks around the world that have invested in this asset class over the past decade. Grady is using this network of life settlement providers to review about a hundred policies for Reliant each month, and Grady ensures that only the best policies are accepted by examining all terms with an eagle’s eye.

Reliant believes that each investor is looking for stable financial advice that is able to meet their individual needs, and its goal is to help customers build, manage and preserve financial assets through their own fractionalized life settlements. Reliant Life Shares distinguishes itself from the competition by serving its investors via the disclosure of several life expectancy reports on each and every policy they market. All life expectancy estimate reports provided are from third party underwriters who are licensed to provide these calculations. In addition to these third party life expectancy reports, Reliant also discloses a Social Security Administration Life Expectancy estimate.