ICapital Launches ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Advisors Seeking Alt Investments

ICapital on Wednesday announced the launch of a new platform that it said connects financial advisors with enhanced alternative investment opportunities from multiple investment providers and asset managers.

The new iCapital Marketplace was developed using the fintech firm’s proprietary and patented technology, it said, noting the platform provides an “all-digital investment experience that bridges the structural divide that has historically separated asset managers, advisors, and clients from alternative investments.”

ICapital Marketplace serves as a “one-stop shop for advisors to access an even broader array of alternative investment offerings,” according to Lawrence Calcano, iCapital CEO and chairman.

“Advisors and clients can benefit from exposure to this asset class, but expanding access requires a comprehensive technology platform that optimizes the process with the right technology, tools, and education,” he explained in a statement.

The new platform enables asset managers, from the world’s largest to emerging ones, to provide funds to the growing global iCapital network of wealth managers and advisors who are its clients, and gives them the option to “benefit from diligence services supported by iCapital,” according to the company.