Flo Rida Reveals Plans To Invest In Kid’s Charities With $82M Settlement

Flo Rida has big plans for his $82 million lawsuit windfall and intends to make a difference by giving back to kid’s charities. 

The “Good Feeling” hitmaker already had an estimated net worth of $50 million before winning his lawsuit against energy drink company Celsius. During a recent interview, Flo Rida revealed the money is “nothing new for me,” but added he’s “excited” to ramp up his philanthropic efforts.  

He told TMZ about some of his plans to give back, especially to his Big Dreams For Kids charity and youth football league. 

“Being out here in L.A., I actually brought some of the kids out here to L.A. with Snoop. Shout out to Snoop. Those are the things I’m excited about,” Flo Rida declared. “I get two-for-one traveling to the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself. So now, it’s just like, think about generational wealth and how I can just continue to open doors for other people.”  

Flo Rida acknowledged the impact he can have on the youth and is intent on helping kids achieve their dreams. 

“Just investing in the kids,” he continued. “That’s to infinity! When you invest in the future, you can’t even imagine what the future will be like because some of these kids that we’re working with – I’m pretty sure they’ll be doctors, they’ll be lawyers, basketball players, football, etc. Just like myself – when I was a kid, different professionals came to my projects fortunately and they just gave a word. Those words helped change my life and gave me hope, so that’s my investment: the kids.”  

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