Best Portfolio Management Apps Of May 2024

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Quicken is a comprehensive budgeting and financial planning platform that has been around for decades. Among many other features, it offers great tools for tracking your investments. For that reason, we believe it is the best choice for experienced investors looking for a complete portfolio management solution.

Quicken offers four service tiers: Starter, Classic Deluxe, Home and Business as well as Classic Premier—the latter is best for investment portfolio tracking.

Users link their financial and investment accounts to the Quicken platform, from IRAs to 401(k) accounts to taxable brokerage accounts. The platform gives you a unified view of your total investment portfolio across accounts, lets you set asset allocation goals, compares your actual allocation to goals, and compares your portfolio’s performance to common benchmarks. You can review the asset allocation at the portfolio, account level or individual security.

You can track investment opportunities and create stock watch lists. There is a top-notch retirement planner, investment activity reports, performance data and buy/sell previews. Nearly all features are customizable.

There are nine investment reports, highlighting asset allocation, income generation, total performance and portfolio value versus cost.

Quicken Classic Premier integrates directly with Morningstar’s Instant X-Ray tool. The direct integration is helpful, as with Quicken, and there’s no need to enter your mutual fund holdings into Morningstar’s tool manually.