Analyzing Solana’s downward Spiral. Are New Presale Cryptos Emerging As Superior Investments?

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent lawsuit continues to impact the crypto market. Recent legal developments have increased bearish sentiments among top altcoins, with investors seeking to mitigate their losses.

For instance, Solana (SOL), which has been impressive in its price since the start of the 2023 crypto market, has dropped significantly with the ongoing SEC lawsuits, causing concerns for SOL holders and traders.

Investors are mainly concerned about this promising altcoin and whether there is any way out or alternatives to invest in for better gains. This guide analyzes Solana and discusses new cryptos currently in their presale.

Without any doubt, these new cryptos are primed to provide the best use cases and price gains to their investors. Keep reading to learn more. 


Solana Price Analysis: An Imminent End To This Top Altcoin?

Solana has been a revolutionary altcoin, proving itself an Ethereum Killer. While the bear market impacted SOL negatively, Solana started the year at $8.1  and reached a staggering price of $25. Many had renewed hope for Solana, causing many to purchase more SOL tokens and participate in its community.

Sadly, these high hopes came crashing down as the SEC declared Solana unregistered security in its lawsuits against two top-tier exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. This led to the SOL price plummeting by over 40%. It is currently trading at $15. 

solana price 16.06

Things are not looking well for the Solana community, and the team has issued a statement regarding this new lawsuit. While the team maintains positivity that SEC’s legal action has zero credibility, the Solana community thinks otherwise. Crypto experts predict an intense legal battle between the SEC and Solana Foundation is brewing. 

This legal battle could be similar to the Ripple case in December 2020 and drag on a while before a resolution is reached. Therefore, this could further impact Solana’s price, causing investors to pull out from investing in this once-priced asset.


Solana Price Plummets Further. These Three Crypto Presales are Worth Your Consideration and Investment

While it has been a sad turn of events for the crypto market, there is still good news, as newer cryptos are poised to provide incredible gains to investors in the short and long term. Interestingly, they are currently in their presale stages. Thus, this is an opportunity to buy them at relatively low prices and enjoy massive investment returns. Without further ado, let’s discuss these coins.

  • Wall Street Memes (WSM): An Amazing Web 3.0 Token Providing Incredible Investment Opportunities Through Memes

Wall Street Memes is a self-acclaimed king of memes, inviting users to share in its fun and marvelous investment opportunity. If you have been around the crypto market, you may have heard about the GameStop saga. The team behind Gamestop’s bullish takeover handles this Wall Street Memes project and shouldn’t be overlooked in 2023.

Wall Street Memes’ potential is particularly evident, with its 1 million strong community members actively participating in its movements. It also tokenizes this movement via its native token, WSM. Thus, purchasing and holding WSM tokens allows you to enjoy an incredible investment community and show support for the movement.

The ecosystem has 2 billion WSM tokens, with 50% up for grabs in its ongoing presale. The project has crushed incredible milestones by raising over $6.5 million within three weeks. You can purchase this token using Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Now is the time to line yourself with this incredible platform and cash out massively.

wall st memes 4

Buy Wall Street Memes Now! (YPRED): A Fantastic Platform Developing AI-predictive Models for Users is another incredible blockchain platform to watch out for and invest in accordingly. By incorporating AI technology in its ecosystem, provides predictive tools to ascertain crypto assets’ direction. By utilizing these tools, users can become effective traders, carving out an edge in the market.

Moreso, features software developers who have created their cutting-edge predictive models and are ready to sell them to yPredict users and traders. By using YPRED tokens, the platform’s native token, users can subscribe to these models. Thus they gain accurate knowledge of the market and create a unique edge despite its volatilities.

The yPredict platform offers incredible staking opportunities, allowing you to generate passive income for a lifetime. Its presale has generated much buzz. It has captured investors’ attention seeking to make a fortune amid the market crash. You, too, can be on board with and make proper investment decisions in the market.

yPredict AI crypto

Buy yPredict Now!

  • DogoDoge (DOGO): A Revolutionary Play-To-Earn Memecoin

DogoDoge (DOGO) is a fast and secure cryptocurrency with unique features that make it stand out. What sets DOGO apart is its revolutionary Play to Earn concept, allowing token holders to grow their DOGO holdings in exciting and innovative ways. 

But that’s not all. DOGO is also a community-driven project demonstrating its love for dogs by donating 5% of its token supply to dog welfare charities worldwide. During its presale, DOGO offers a groundbreaking tokenomics system that provides passive income to holders through transaction fees. 

With NFT integration and the immersive Dogoverse Metaverse, DOGO holders can purchase NFTs, engage in play-to-earn games, participate in governance, and utilize the Dogo Swap DEX for seamless token conversions. Join the DOGO community and embark on a thrilling journey that combines financial opportunities with a commitment to supporting our furry friends.


Final Thoughts: Invest In The Three Best Cryptos In Their Presale Right Now!

Solana is in the hot seat of the SEC regulations. Further lawsuits could lead to Solana spiraling down to its end. While it is uncertain how this game will play out in the long run, mitigating losses and focusing on better investment opportunities is necessary.

This guide has outlined the hottest cryptos in their presale. Wall Street Memes,, and DogoDoge are ready to provide massive gains despite the market’s volatility. Investing in these cryptos guarantees explosive gains, and helps you mitigate all losses in your portfolio. Don’t let the market’s storm sway you from making guaranteed investment returns; secure your future now and enjoy true financial freedom!