How do I invest in cryptocurrency? A step-by-step guide

The Internet’s most Googled investing question is “How do I invest in cryptocurrency?,” according to a new research.

The study, conducted by Investing Reviews, analysed thousands of investment-related search terms to see which is Googled the most, with the most common phrase questioning how to invest in cryptocurrency.

The data indicated that the question is Googled on average 150,400 times every month around the world.

The second most common phrase is “How can I start investing?” which receives an estimated 137,000 average monthly searches online.

In third place is “How much should I invest when I start?” which is Googled 64,000 times a month on average.

Simon Jones, an investment expert at the UK-based Investing Reviews, provides the definitive answers to top 10 investment questions searched on Google:

Investing in cryptocurrency is primarily done online, via major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance. Usually, you will need to deposit some money, with different platforms requiring a different amount so make sure to do your research if you don’t want to deposit a larger sum to begin with. Take some time to research which cryptocurrencies you’d like to invest in as the cryptocurrency market can often be volatile and you should take caution before investing.

How you start investing can entirely depend on what you what to invest in. Similar to investing in cryptocurrency, you can trade and invest in stocks on the stock market via apps and websites which can provide a more autonomous experience to trading where you remain fully in control of where you invest your money. However, speaking to a broker can help if you’d rather have a professional handle any of your investments, this can make investing a lot easier if you’re considering investing a large amount of money.

There isn’t a specific amount of money that will automatically “work” when it comes to seeing a return on your investment when you begin. The important thing is to trust your instinct and do your research. If you are feeling hesitant to invest, start off with a smaller amount of money so that you’re not in a risky situation.

There is no “right” thing to invest in at any one time as there are many factors that can contribute to whether the value of a stock or an item increases or decreases. However, there are steps you can take to see what might be worth investing in. Following the news, particularly business news, can give you an indication on what stocks you should invest in.

Passive investing is a strategy wherein the aim is to maximise your returns whilst minimising your buying and selling. Typically, this works as a ‘buy and hold’ strategy and is a long-term form of investment. The benefit of this the simplicity in that there isn’t a lot of active buying and selling, however this can have its drawbacks in that it’s so limited that quick returns aren’t always guaranteed.

Return on investment (ROI) is relatively simple – it’s subtracting the initial investment cost from its final value before dividing this number by the cost of the investment. Calculating ROI is beneficial as you can spot trends, and see what is working and why, making all your future investments easier to strategize on.

The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile and whilst this can mean you can get a fast return and make money quickly; you can risk losing it just as fast. Therefore, cryptocurrency investing can require a lot of time and effort and if this isn’t something you’re able to commit to, it might be worth looking at investing into something else. There are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that are generally considered more ‘stable’ than others such as Dogecoin, however caution should still be practised.

If you have any reservations when it comes to any form of investment, the best recommendation is to talk to a professional. There are steps you can take on your own too that can protect you and your money:

If you’re not sure what site or platform to use to trade on and invest your money on, then research a site and read user reviews. If there are many negative reviews, then this is a major red flag. Even if it’s something as simple as glitches which may not be a massive issue on a social media app occasionally, but when it comes to trading your money quickly and safely, even a few negative experiences from other users can be an indicator that it might not be the right place to spend your money.

It can be tempting to keep investing money if the stock market or cryptocurrency market appears to be offering you good returns but always make sure you have reserves. A single business deal at a certain company can impact your whole trading portfolio, making investing unpredictable at times, so don’t be encouraged to invest all your money at any one time.

Research and stay up to date on the market where your investment lies, whether this is the cryptocurrency market or the housing market. This can help you forecast your returns and know when to stop investing more money where you’re likely to lose it.

Every investment pose risk and reward without a guarantee, therefore it can be difficult to determine what is a “safe” investment. That being said, there are investments that have a generally more reliable track record when it comes to growing your money, however these are usually long-term investments that may require a lot of time and research.

An investment bond is a medium to long-term investment strategy. It involves putting your money in a single-premium life insurance policy with the benefit being that the investments are held in a tax-efficient way. Whilst you may not even see a return on your initial deposit as the value of the bond can fluctuate, it’s generally considered a relatively low-risk strategy.

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