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30/09/22 22:14

26/09/22 02:01

The Australian Securities Exchange’s benchmark S&P/ASX200 briefly hit a three-month low at 10.45am, when it was down 2.08 per cent. This occurred after the UK pound hit a 37-year low.

21/09/22 22:21

Wall Street’s main indexes ended Wednesday’s session sharply down, after a day of wild swings driven by the Federal Reserve’s latest policy announcement.

13/09/22 18:03

The Dow Jones closed 1,276 points down on Tuesday at 31,104.97. It lost almost 4 per cent of its total value over the course of the day, as grim new inflation data emerged.

02/09/22 22:17

US stocks closed out the trading week on a down note on Friday, marking Wall Street’s third consecutive negative week as roughly half the gains from the summer’s market rally dissipate. 

23/08/22 15:36

Wall Street’s major stock indexes were little changed in early trading on Tuesday, a day after they suffered their worst rout since June as investors weigh the Fed’s next moves on inflation.

13/07/22 21:38

The United States is seeing one of the highest inflation rates among developed countries, after government officials announced on Wednesday that inflation reached 9.1 percent in June.

13/07/22 13:41

Inflation in the U.S. rose to 9.1 percent in June, the highest since 1981 and a greater increase than economists predicted. It’s the biggest 12-month increase in nearly four decades.

15/06/22 20:59

The Dow rose 311.50 points, the S&P 500 rose 53.59 points, and the Nasdaq rose 275.26 points.

13/06/22 15:18

Wall Street entered a bear market on Monday as the S&P 500 sank 3.9%, bringing it more than 20% below the record high it set in January – while Dow Jones plummets 900 points.

19/05/22 07:02

Tweeting into the wee hours of Thursday, Musk responded to well-known tech investor Cathie Wood, who called Tesla’s removal from the S&P 500 ESG Index ‘ridiculous’.

18/05/22 16:50

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. The criteria is used by ‘socially conscious’ investors concerned about where they put their money.

12/05/22 18:30

Wall Street’s prolonged plunge is beginning to raise Americans’ concerns about their retirement savings, potentially pushing some to delay retirement as their account balances dwindle.

06/05/22 15:35

Wall Street’s main indexes opened lower on Friday as stronger-than-expected jobs data amplified investor concerns that rising wages will continue to fuel inflation and push faster rate hikes.

05/05/22 16:44

Wall Street is shifting into reverse, giving up much of the big gains it made a day earlier on relief that the Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates as aggressively as some feared to fight inflation.

29/04/22 22:02

Losses for technology stocks accelerated on Wall Street Friday, pushing the Nasdaq composite to its biggest monthly loss since the 2008 financial crisis. The Dow ended the day down 939 points.

25/04/22 20:49

U.S. stocks stormed back from sharp losses in the morning to notch gains Monday, the latest round of turbulence for Wall Street. The Dow rose 238.06 points after earlier being down 488 points.

22/04/22 16:09

As Disney is set to lose its special privileges in Florida the company’s stocks continue to take a tumble, closing at $126.66 per share on Thursday, a 31 percent drop over the course of the last year.

19/04/22 06:55

The fire was doused shortly after the leak, a third-party tenant at the Dow facility, an official from the sheriff’s office of Iberville parish said, adding the number of casualties was not known.

07/04/22 14:16

The number – the lowest since November 1968 – suggests employers are now retaining workers in an increasingly tight labor market, more than two years since the start of the pandemic.

01/04/22 13:40

Amid soaring inflation and threats of a potential recession, jobs figures are only slightly under what was expected as the labor market grew increasingly tighter.

09/03/22 14:58

Stocks had their biggest jump since in nearly two years on Wednesday as a sharp drop in oil prices eased fears that inflation was about to get worse around the globe. 

07/03/22 14:06

U.S. stock indexes slid on Monday, as the prospect of a ban on oil imports from Russia briefly pushed oil above $130 a barrel and added to concerns over spiraling inflation and slowing growth. 

04/03/22 21:13

Effective March 9, Russian firms will no longer be included in the Dow Jones Industrial average or benchmark S&P 500 index, the company behind the stock indexes said on Friday.

04/03/22 15:21

Wall Street ended lower on Friday as the war in Ukraine overshadowed an acceleration in U.S. jobs growth last month that pointed to strength in the economy.

25/02/22 13:11

U.S. stock indexes opened higher on Friday, building on a late rally in the previous session, as investors scrambled for bargains while closely monitoring the raging battle in Ukraine. 

23/02/22 16:28

Investors continued to take cues from developments in Ukraine, where Russia has started evacuating its embassy in Kyiv, as fears mount that Vladimir Putin might be about to order a full-scale invasion.

22/02/22 15:27

Stocks fell on Wall Street in afternoon trading Tuesday after Russia sent forces into Ukraine’s eastern regions, escalating tensions, and President Joe Biden announced sanctions. 

25/01/22 14:03

After erasing an 800-point loss to turn positive, the Dow lost ground in the final minutes of trading to end the session down 67 points, or 0.19 percent, as investors nervously anticipate a rate hike.

24/01/22 18:21

The stock market was in freefall once again Monday as S&P500 tumbled for the fifth consecutive day and Dow Jones continued its seven-day losing streak, losing at one point more than 1,000 points

18/12/21 07:11

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 532.20 points, about 1.5 percent, at closing Friday. It fell at total of 1.7 percent at the end of the week that has been marred by worries over COVID-19.

02/12/21 18:13

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 666 points, nearly 2 percent, as of Thursday afternoon, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite both went up by 1.6 percent.

02/12/21 01:40

Stocks reversed early gains after the first case of the COVID-19 Omicron variant was confirmed in the US, and Fed Chair Powell admitted that tough measures might be required on inflation.

01/12/21 21:52

.The hospitality and leisure industry hired the most staff with a reported 136,000 jobs, followed closely by professional and business services with 110,000.

30/11/21 20:55

Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday that Americans are more interested in fixing inflation than labeling it when asked about Jerome Powell’s Senate hearing comments.

30/11/21 16:41

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told Congress Tuesday the central bank may need to ‘taper’ its asset-purchases sooner and said a new covid variant could slow the economy.

28/11/21 22:19

IG market analyst Kyle Rodda said investors were particularly concerned about a vaccine-resistant variant that could cause economic damage by sparking more lockdowns and travel restrictions.

28/11/21 16:40

Omicron variant still hasn’t arrived in the US after the White House banned travel to 8 African nations on Friday, tanking the Dow. Anthony Fauci said today that the new COVID strain is ‘inevitable.’

26/11/21 20:29

West Texas Intermediate crude futures, the US oil benchmark, reached $68.85 per barrel on Friday as the Dow Jones also took a great tumble of more than 1,000 points due to COVID fears.

10/11/21 23:27

US stock and bond markets were roiled on on Wednesday following an unexpected inflation reading that showed consumer prices jumped 6.2 percent in October from the year before.

18/10/21 20:23

Federal Chair Jerome Powell sold millions worth of stock options. Three other Fed officials – Robert Kaplan (bottom left), Eric Rosengren (top left) and Richard Clarida (center left) – reportedly did same.

23/09/21 22:08

Stocks spiked for a second day in a row with the Dow gaining nearly 600 points after opening as fears abated over Chinese developer Evergrande’s ability to pay $83.5 million worth of interest.

21/09/21 14:44

The Dow Jones closed in the red on Tuesday afternoon, losing 50.63 points, or 0.1%.  The S&P 500 shed about 0.1%, following its worst day since May.

13/08/21 17:26

The Dow and the S&P 500 opened at record highs on Friday after Disney reported surging revenue of $17 billion, keeping the indexes on track for a second straight week of gains.

24/07/21 00:45

US stocks rallied before the closing bell Friday, with all three indexes roaring back from a huge selloff at the start of the week to close on record highs.

19/07/21 15:37

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 725.81 on Monday, or 2.1%, at 33,962.04. The S&P 500 fell 68.67, or 1.6%, to 4,258.49, after setting a record just a week earlier.

01/06/21 14:10

The Dow Jones, right, shot up Tuesday morning amid renewed confidence in the post-pandemic economic recovery. Airlines and oil companies surged, and key economic data is due to be released this week.

12/05/21 21:51

The Dow dropped by 680 points, nearly 2 percent, and the S&P 500 fell by 2.14 percent. It came after a damning report from the Bureau of Labor statistics on how quickly inflation is happening.

06/05/21 21:34

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared by 150 points to an all-time high of over 34,500 on Thursday as the US recorded its lowest number of unemployment claims since COVID-19 began.

15/04/21 16:05

U.S. stocks climbed to records on Thursday after encouraging data showed how hungry Americans are to spend again, how fewer workers are losing their jobs and how corporate profits are growing.

30/01/21 01:54

Dow Jones Industrial Average ended session down 620.74 points, or 2 per cent, to 29,982.62, while S&P 500 dropped 1.9 per cent, giving the index its biggest weekly loss since October.

20/01/21 21:20

Netflix led the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite to close at an all-time high, while the S&P 500, Russell 2000 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average also set new records,

07/01/21 00:55

The number of Americans privately employed fell in December for the first time since May, with 123,000 losing their jobs. The losses were greatest among large companies in hospitality and leisure.

06/01/21 21:50

The Dow Jones Industrial average ended the session up 437.8 points, or 1.44 percent, at 30,829.40, a record close even after paring some gains while the chaos unfolded in DC.

31/12/20 02:14

Gold stocks look set to shine in 2021 as the Australian economy recovers from the Covid recession. Fat Prophets, a share market research group, is recommending Newcrest Mining.

28/12/20 17:30

Stocks jumped to record highs on Monday after President Donald Trump unexpectedly signed a $900 billion economic aid package, with the Dow trading 240 points higher or 0.8 percent.

25/11/20 03:46

Trump’s 60-second press briefing left the White House reporters bemused, with one caught on a hot mic describing it as being ‘weird as s***’ and another saying it was one of the ‘stranger’ events.

25/11/20 03:21

Australia’s share market is expected to reach an all-time high by early next year. The rapid recovery from the coronavirus recession is remarkable. Here’s what to buy to make money.

24/11/20 09:23

The index broke through 30,000 just after midday to peak at 30,117. It closed at 30,046. Trump spoke briefly but traders say the increase is caused by vaccines and the ‘Biden bounce’

18/11/20 18:52

In a note on Wednesday, Michael Cembalest, the chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset Management, warned of ‘the remote risk of an American Horror Story.’

18/11/20 16:11

Wall Street stocks were edging close to record highs on Wednesday, after final results from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial showed its shot had a 95 percent success rate and two months of safety data.

13/11/20 18:54

David Nelson, a strategist at Belpointe Asset Management, made the harrowing forecast on Thursday after a member of Biden’s coronavirus advisory board suggested a six-week lockdown.

09/11/20 17:03

Pfizer said Monday that data on its coronavirus vaccine suggests the shots may be a surprisingly robust 90 per cent effective at preventing COVID-19. The markets rallied in response.

06/11/20 16:08

It followed jobs data that said employers added 638,000 jobs last month — more than economists expected, but representing another slowdown in monthly job growth.

05/11/20 20:19

With counting continuing in the battleground states, investors were abandoning cautious positioning that many took ahead of the election, driving all of Wall Street’s main indexes up by around 2 percent.

04/11/20 14:54

Technology and health care companies led a stock market rally Wednesday as Wall Street shrugged off the presidential election limbo.

04/11/20 11:53

At midnight, the pound was trading at $1.315 but dropped to $1.290 earlier this morning before settling at around $1.300 in the afternoon as the US election battle looks set to continue for days.

04/11/20 08:05

US stock futures jumped early on Wednesday before taking a dive again as President Donald Trump led Democratic rival Joe Biden in Florida and other competitive swing states.

03/11/20 23:15

On a day of tension on trading floors, the Dow Jones Industrial Average led the charge on Wall Street, rising 2.38 per cent or 641.69 points, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq was up 2.12 per cent.

03/11/20 16:37

Stocks powered higher on Election Day after a bruising US presidential campaign that sent markets spinning because of the uncertainty it sowed finally reached its end.

30/10/20 17:45

Wall Street closed out a punishing week with all three major indexes in the red, dragged down by a slide in shares of tech heavyweights following their quarterly results.

30/10/20 16:43

‘We will have a tremendous stimulus package immediately after the election,’ President Donald Trump said at the White House, on a week when the stock market tanked.

28/10/20 14:22

Although October 28 is statistically the best trading day of the year, the main indexes dropped as new cases and hospitalizations set records in the U.S. Midwest and Europe eyed new lockdowns.

26/10/20 14:06

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded 900 points lower on Monday morning, or more than 3.34 percent. The plunge comes after the nation hit a record number of daily COVID cases over the weekend.

24/10/20 13:52

Trading cards, traditionally a safe investment, are now setting sales records amid the pandemic, as New York Yankees legend Mickey Mantle’s image has become the equivalent of a blue chip stock.

15/10/20 17:21

It came as optimism waned that Congress will deliver another round of stimulus for the economy and new data showed another weekly surge in the number of Americans seeking unemployment.

13/10/20 22:09

Wall Street snapped a four-day winning streak on Tuesday, with halted COVID-19 vaccine trials and an elusive U.S. stimulus agreement weighing on sentiment.

06/10/20 20:09

Trump sparked a stock market sell-off tweeting that he would not allow talks on a stimulus plan before the election. Doctors say his drug regime might be affecting his mental wellbeing.

05/10/20 20:44

The S&P 500 was 1.4 percent higher in afternoon trading on Monday as investors were optimistic about more fiscal stimulus and mostly favorable updates on President Donald Trump’s condition.

02/10/20 13:16

Wall Street’s main indexes tumbled at the open on Friday with the Dow dropping 280 points after President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 weeks before the election.

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