Goldman's Bullish Stance on 'Real Bond Yield' Spells Bad News for Crypto


Fed prepares to update racing odds as inflation bucks the reins

The Federal Reserve, after chasing inflation for the better part of a year, will look ahead as far as 2025 in new projections this week that will show more fully the depth and length of the economic “pain” its policymakers expect to be needed to stop the current surge in prices. The pace of price increases, which by the Fed’s preferred measure are running at more than three times its 2% target, have hardly budged in the face of the most rapid set of U.S. interest rate increases in about 30 years. The projections, due to be published alongside the Fed’s latest policy statement at 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT) on Wednesday, will show just how aggressively U.S. central bank officials feel interest rates must rise to respond to the inflationary wave, and what economic cracks they see appearing as a result in terms of slower growth or higher unemployment.

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