Politics latest: PM warned against starting 'full blown trade war' with EU; Starmer being investigated by standards commissioner

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In 12 minute call Irish minister tells Truss new law is a ‘particular low point’ in UK approach to Brexit

In our post at 08.33 am we reported that Liz Truss had spoken this morning to Maros Sefcovic, the vice president of the EU Commission, in relation to the new legislation that will be introduced in Westminster today.

Ireland’s foreign ministry has now also confirmed Ms Truss has spoken to the country’s foreign minister, Simon Coveney.

This is the statement that has just been published:

“During the call, Secretary Truss outlined her intention to publish legislation today.

“Minister Coveney said publishing legislation that would breach the UK’s commitments under international law, the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Northern Ireland Protocol is deeply damaging to relationships on these islands and between the U.K. and EU.

“Minister Coveney said it marks a particular low point in the UK’s approach to Brexit, especially as Secretary Truss has not engaged with negotiations with the EU in any meaningful way since February.

“Minister Coveney repeated that the protocol is the negotiated solution, ratified by Westminster, to the hard Brexit pursued by the U.K. government.

“The UK’s unilateral approach is not in the best interest of Northern Ireland and does not have the consent or support of the majority of people or business in Northern Ireland. Far from fixing problems, this legislation will create a whole new set of uncertainties and damage relationships.

“The call ended after 12 minutes.”