Consumer Affairs Ministry says no shortage of essential commodities and hygiene products

The Consumer Affairs Ministry on Saturday urged consumers to refrain from panic buying as there is no shortage of essential commodities.

Addressing media persons, Pawan Agarwal, Secretary, Consumer Affairs, Food & Supplies stated that there is no shortage of Essential Commodities such as foodgrains and that States/UTs have been advised that transport of essential supplies including food and hygiene products must be maintained.

He also said that the Government is closely monitoring the production, distribution and retail prices of essential commodities and hygiene products.

The Ministry on Friday decided to fix prices of masks and hand sanitisers and has issued a notification in this regard.

Agarwal said distilleries have also been asked to ramp production of ethyl alcohol and provide them to manufacturers of deodorant sprays so that there is no shortage of hand sanitisers.

“Necessary directions have been issued to ensure that couriers of ecommerce platforms are allowed to supply essential items without hassle. Besides, the States and Consumers can also avail of Consumer Helpline to act swiftly against hoarding, shortages and other malpractices,” he added.

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