Government asking residents for investment ideas in survey

THE Government has released a new survey as it encourages people across Bolton to submit ideas for investment in the town.

Funds of up to £25m were previously announced for over 100 towns across the country and suggestions are now being sought after.

The Government said: “The Government is investing up to £25 million in 101 places across the country. And we want local people to decide how this money is spent.

“You can submit your ideas for how to improve skills and transport, create new jobs and regenerate your local community.”

While people can make their own suggestions, the survey also asks which of the following best describes how best you would like to see money invested in the town, including: Better public transport, faster broadband, improved cultural facilities, improved town centre, more trainign courses and facilities and new spaces for businesses in the town centre.

The Towns Fund will target investment around a series of themes, although additional investment may also come from other public or private sources as part of the Town Deal.

The project also has a social media presence and councils have been using #MyTown to promote the scheme.

For further information on the initiative and to suggest your ideas on where money should be spent in Bolton, visit:

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