Expert Opinions About How Each Democratic Candidate Will Affect the Stock Market if Elected

The Associated Press reported that as of December 2019, Pete Buttigieg had collected more campaign funds from donors and political action committees tied to the financial, insurance and real estate sector than any other presidential candidate, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. Buttigieg does not have a voting record on banking policy, but he does state on his official campaign website that “economic gains should be shared by everyone.”

“The status quo with companies like Facebook and Uber setting the rules and government sitting on the sidelines must change,” his site states. “Our government can, and should, play a role in setting a level playing field that gives all Americans a chance to succeed. That doesn’t mean government taking over the economy. But government does need to be a vigorous presence in ensuring that our economy actually works for all. That means strict enforcement of new and existing labor laws to rebalance power toward workers and ensure that new industries and technologies fuel growth, not more inequality.”

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