Potential buyer steps away from investing in troubled T.E.H. Realty properties

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) — A potential investor said troubled T.E.H. Realty properties are too much to handle so they’re stepping back from any investment.

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News 4 has been investigating T.E.H. Realty properties for more than a year.

The Northwinds Apartment in Ferguson is barley acceptable for living and now News 4 has learned a daycare is operating at the complex. Sources tell News 4 they’re concerned for the safety of the children at the Toyland Nursery.

“People got kids out here, we got to live still,” said Kenya Larsuel.

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The Northwinds complex is one of about five T.E.H. properties in the St. Louis metro area that needs to be gutted.

A glimmer of hope recently came along with potential buyer Karya Management. The Houston based company’s been running some T.E.H. sites since November.

“It’s big, it’s very big, and it’s like a lot of vacant apartments and stuff over here,” said Larsuel.

Larsuel said the units surrounding hers are either boarded up or left open for anyone to walk in.

Sources tell News 4 Karya Management has been having problems working with T.E.H. and they’ve decided to pull out.

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Sources also said Karya Management has found the T.E.H. properties conditions just too extensive.

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