Grant of stock options to managers

Company announcement No 04-2020                                                                                                  
13 February 2020
With reference to company announcement no 08-18 of 24 August 2018 and pursuant to article 19(3) of EU Regulation 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 on market abuse North Media A/S hereby announces the attached reporting of North Media A/S’ granting of stock options linked to the North Media-share to its managers. AttachmentsHL Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_JBC Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_KW Granting of stock opstions_UK_20200213_LIB Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_LWH Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_MDA Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_PR Granting of stock options_UK_20200213_

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