Using a property investment strategy to buy your dream home

In a recent recording of The Smart Property Investment Show podcast Stuart Snell explained his journey towards his dream place and the savvy purchases along the way.

“I divested myself of three properties, two investment properties and an owner-occupied property, about three years ago. And I pushed myself into my primary property investment where I am now,” Mr Snell explained.

The property investor explained that the average Australian has most of their investments in equities due to superannuation, so it’s wise to diversify through the property market.

“Acquiring property and using property to generate wealth makes total sense because most people’s other main asset will be their superannuation.”

The property investor also highlighted investment in the asset class can be a primary place of residence as long as investors have the right mindset.

“Purchasing a primary residence is a tax-effective means to generate wealth. The main thing we’ve always thought about is, ‘How will it resell?’ and then livability. Will it suit your needs or the needs of others? Because the saleability is where you want the widest market possible for when the time comes up.”

Mr Snell noted his property investment along with his superannuation strategy can eventually be a way for the investor to semi-retire through downsizing.

“The reality is I’m in my 50’s now, 52 about to turn 53. I would say three to five years and then we’ll look for a different option. I’ve already got some ideas that might be outside of Sydney.”

“I think we’d be looking to relocate somewhere up northern New South Wales and purchase somewhere there where we would potentially have a longer term horizon and to base, and then use some of that to leverage into some investment properties for the longer term income and capital gains potential benefits. And that’s it in a nutshell really,” Mr Snell concluded. 

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Cameron Micallef

Cameron is a journalist for Momentum Media’s nestegg and Smart Property Investment. He enjoys giving Aussies practical financial tips and tricks to help grow their wealth and achieve financial independence. As a self-confessed finance nerd, Cameron enjoys chatting with industry experts and commentators to leverage their insights to grow your portfolio.

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