Investment in the Philippines: High-End Real Estate Investment 2020

The year 2020 presents many opportunities for real estate investors compared with the previous years. 

Among the many upsides that are tenable in the year are the disruptive technology and spanning environmental and sustainable developments that promise to work in favor of those that invested in the Philippine real estate industry. 

Here, we introduce to you some of the most profitable real estate investments and why you should choose to invest in the thriving country that is the Philippines. 

High-End Real Estate Investment Philippines 

When talking about real estate, the focus of many people is usually only on residential buildings. Although this is the most utilized variation to real estate, the fact is: other industries can be explored as well. It might interest you to know that the Philippines is one of the countries that has been severely undermined when it comes to real estate investments. That shouldn’t be the case because the country actually ranks as a top performer in the real estate sector. Contrary to the assertions that the Philippine real estate market is on a downward spiral, emerging facts continue to prove that the reverse is the case. Factors such as the influx of tourists, the expansions in the BPO industries, and the stream of OFW remittances are some of the clues behind the boom of real estate in the Philippines, making it one of the fastest-growing in the world at this time. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to choose from many options. For instance, you may want to invest in commercial, residential, land or industrial real estate niches. 

Amenities, roads and houses were designed to complement the features of the natural topography of the area through Tropical Modernism

Do note that many factors tend to influence your success when making real estate investments in the Philippines. Also, the current stability of the country’s investment sector makes it a good time for you to become an investor. It is a good idea to start looking at residential properties in thriving locations in the country from leading real estate companies, such as Greenfield Development Corporation

Investing in Philippine real estate is open to both first-timers and experts. However, it still helps to have a considerable amount of finance and the technical know-how to help you maneuver within the industry. 

Also, the most incredible of the offers is the openings for both the licensed and non-licensed investors to come into the Philippine real estate industry. In this instance, real estate brokers can obtain the relevant license to continue with their businesses. But should a broker be unable to obtain a license, a buyer can take the alternate route of buying and selling residential lots for sale as the pre-selling option, which is more readily available. This option can allow you to earn rental income so you can eventually move on to a larger scale. 

You also need not be limited by a lack of knowledge about real estate. The truth is: many of the bigwigs in the Philippine real estate industry started out as inexperienced folks. By consistently learning, they were able to build million-dollar real estate businesses in the country. In case you’re wondering where to start, the Greenfield Development Corporation can assist you and provide you with the support you need to break into the thriving Philippine real estate sector. Get started today! 

Real-Estate Investments in the Philippines 

The Philippines has one of the best policies when it comes to real estate. Still, here are some points worth noting about real estate in the country. Keeping these in mind might save you some stress (and save your funds as well).

  • Real Estate Is Not for Lucky People 

If you’re going into real estate in the Philippines (or any other place) with the mindset that you might get lucky, the chances of you losing instead of gaining is high. It’s important to have some ideas about the industry and to be wise with your investments. In short, never rely on luck.

Trava dedicates 45% of its 33-hectares to green open spaces, tree-lined roads, parks, and playgrounds
  • Real Estate Is for Life Improvement 

There’s no denying that real estate investments pay well, especially when you’re familiar with the industry. However, the focus shouldn’t be only on the gains/profits or the periodic price increase that readily comes to the mind of many investors. Instead, the focus should be more on offering/providing value. An example would be making the decision to invest in residential properties that will provide tenants or occupants with more spaces. That way, you meet a need and the beneficiaries (the tenants) will be willing to pay for the service. 

  • Little Capital Can Get You Started 

The Philippine real estate industry is one of the most budding all over the world. In fact, this was seen in the longstanding endurance of the industry in the midst of the 2008 global economic crisis that hit hard on the US economy which has helped boost her growth rate over time. 

As opposed to popular belief, the boom of the Philippine real estate market is not primarily because of the tech companies and the BPO firms. What contributed greatly to the boom was the surge of the real estate markets in cities such as Davao, Clark, Iloilo, and Sta. Rosa Laguna. 

Property Investment in the Philippines 

If you are looking to invest in properties in the Philippines, you just might be doing the right thing because the country has many opportunities for potential investors like you. Reading articles in Investment in the Philippines will keep you updated about the trends and opportunities in the Philippine real estate market. But to start, a great investment would be in Greenfield Development Corporation. 

Trava offers wide extensive lots ranging from 550-750 square meters to its residents

We have been monitoring the real estate industry in the country for some time. Below are some of the suburban metropolia in the Philippines where you can invest in eco-friendly residential properties or any other kind of property that strikes your fancy. 

  • Makati City 

Makati City is one of the few Asian cities that presents an unrivaled opportunity to investors looking to purchase condominiums. Over 60,000 retail and commercial establishments are already operating there and many more will spring up in the coming months––thus making Makati City a prime location that promises an investment asset grade. 

  • Muntinlupa City 

If you’re more attracted to eco-friendly residences, then you can try setting your sights on Muntinlupa City. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is also highly urbanized with a business district thriving in its center. It is also close to first-class city Sta, Rosa which is located in the Laguna Province. Interested investors might want to see the untapped opportunities of this location and start investing. 

  • Tagaytay City 

When you mention serenity, good food, and reduced costs of living, Tagaytay City comes to mind. The city welcomes hundreds of tourists that flock to visit sites such as the Taal Lake. So, the moment you sign up to develop residential properties in the city, you can be sure of giving your tenants a treat to the suburban metropolis living standards. 

Investments in the Philippines are Profitable 

You’ve now seen that the Philippines presents many opportunities for people looking to invest in the country’s real estate industry. Do contact Greenfield Trava Deluxe or Greenfield PH for more information on the real estate markets in the Philippines and to get valuable insights on how to get started on real estate investments in the Philippines.

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