When Donald Trump Brags About the Economy, Here’s What Democrats Should Say

Donald Trump loves to pat himself on the back for, as he puts it, the “greatest economy we’ve had in the history of our country.” Actually, the economy is great for Trump’s rich friends he plays golf with at his private country clubs and others in the top 1 percent who will ultimately receive over 80 percent of the benefits of the Trump/GOP 2017 tax cut. But for most of us, the economy is anywhere from middling to a daily struggle to make ends meet.

People are working two to three jobs to get by, wages are essentially flat, and layoffs are on the uptick. And it’s time the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates make this a top campaign issue, right up there with calling out Trump’s efforts to end you and your family’s coverage for pre-existing medical conditions—along with all the other benefits of the ACA—in a lawsuit now in federal court. 

To be fair, almost all Democratic presidential candidates have touched on how the economy is working for the wealthy but the not the rest of us, with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders the most vocal. But it still feels like the 2020 Democrats as a group have not made challenging Trump’s claims about the economy a top issue. 

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